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Blow Your Face Out – 10%, 100 IBUS

Roak’s Blow Your Face Out Double IPA was crafted to maximize the dark character of ops with piney, tropical and stone fruit aromas and flavors. With over 100 IBU’s these hops are ready to explode right out of the bottle. So grab a glass, this beer is going to blow your face out. 10% ABV.

Melonfest – 5.6%, 25 IBUs

Melonfest is a seasonal wheat ale infused with cantaloupe. The beer is fermented with cantaloupe and dry-hopped with Hüll Melon hops to reinforce the flavor of the fruit. This brew is farm-stand fresh.

Food Pairing Ideas: BBQ chicken, pork chops, stracchino

Roaka Cadabra – 6.6%, 30 IBUs

Roaka Cadabra Alakazam! Conjure up your own bit of fall magic with this Belgian style spiced brown ale. With just the right amount of spice and a toasty malt body, this brown ale will put a spell on you. No sleight of hand here, we’ve added only the best Michigan apples to create an ale that is warming, spicy, and crisp. This beer will enchant any autumn afternoon.

Food Pairing Ideas: apple pie, beef stew, brie

Chestnut Head – 6.8%, 34 IBUs

Chestnut Head was inspired by our mad love of Michigan winters. Brewed with roasted chestnuts and maple syrup straight out of the Michigan woods, it will be sure to keep you warm. This porter, with its sweet maple aroma and lingering nutty finish, is best paired with a crackling fire and good friends. So, crack open a Chestnut Head porter and embrace the wild Michigan winter.

Beach Lord – 6% ABV, 65 IBUs

Beach Lord is an IPL bursting with tropical notes of pineapple and hints of black currant. This beer is bittered with warrior hops to complement the smooth lager profile and then the dry hopped with denali. Bad to the bone with danky aroma, it’s sure to satisfy your desire for a refreshing hoppy lager.

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